Derale Performance

Derale is leading the industry in Performance Cooling. While most cooling brands focus on one component of the vehicle, Derale aims to cool the drive train as a whole. Whether you drive a truck, race the tracks or crawl through the desert, your vehicle is designed to function as a unit. The most powerful engine is only as strong as its ability to transfer that power to the wheels. Our approach to cooling is the same, cool as a unit. By controlling all major components of a vehicle, engine, transmission, power steering, fuel and differential you drastically increase performance and efficiency.

  • Electric Fans
  • Fluid Coolers
  • Transmission Cooling Pans

Featured products of Derale Performance

Electric Fans


Derale Performance electric fans are designed with quality and performance in mind. Our electric fans control heat even in the most difficult cooling conditions. Derale offers a complete line of electric fans that are available in a variety of sizes from 4” to 17”. For serious cooling performance, Derale offers the aluminum shroud “Powerpack” kits. These kits consist of a single or dual high watt electric fans mounted on aircraft aluminum shrouds. Even through thick, tight finned radiator cores the powerpack kits help control engine temperatures with ease. Derale powerpacks are available in a wide range of sizes designed to fit most popular radiator sizes. To see more information on individual Hi-fives please visit


  • Powerpacks – Dual & Single Fans
  • High Output Single Rad Fans
  • High Output Extreme Fans
  • Tornado Fans

Powerpacks -
Dual & Single Fans


High Output
Single Rad Fans


High Output
Extreme Fans


Tornado Fans

Fluid Coolers


Derale’s full lineup of fluid coolers, from Ram air coolers to Remote mount coolers, Derale has a size to fit your ride.  Ram air coolers are available in a wide variety to meet your price point and performance needs. Similar options are available on the Remote cooler side, which are very popular fan mounted cooling systems that can be mounted anywhere space permits. Derale offers the broadest range of remote coolers in the industry, from their most popular Hyper-Cool lineup, all the way to the brand-new Hi-Flow Racing Coolers. To see more information on our coolers please visit

Remote Fluid Coolers
  • Hi-Flow Racing
  • Hyper-Cool
  • Atomic-Cool
  • Electra-Cool
Fluid Coolers
  • Series 10000 Stack Plate Coolers
  • Series 9000 Plate & Fin Coolers
  • Series 8000 Plate & Fin Coolers
  • Series 7000 Tube & Fin Coolers

Hi-Flow Racing
Remote Fluid Coolers

Remote Fluid Coolers


Remote Fluid Coolers


Remote Fluid Coolers



Series 10000 Stack Plate
Fluid Coolers

Series 9000 Plate & Fin
Fluid Coolers

Series 8000 Plate & Fin
Fluid Coolers

Series 7000 Tube & Fin
Fluid Coolers

Transmission Cooling Pans


Derale's Transmission Cooling Pans use air passing beneath the vehicle and redirects it to help lower transmission oil temperatures. With brazed, turbulator-equipped airway tubes passing through the lower section of the transmission pan for more efficient cooling, each is individually pressure tested to ensure a leak-free pan. Included is a much stronger magnetic drain plug and rubber/steel reusable washer, in addition to a 1/8" NPT temperature sender bung located in the side of the pan. Finished with a durable black two-stage coating, each pan also includes neoprene gasket and 1/8" NPT temperature sender plug.  To see more information on individual Transmission Cooling Pans please visit


  • Heavy gauge stamped steel construction
  • Two stage heat dissipating black finish
  • 1/8" NPT temperature sender port
  • Reduces fluid temperatures up to 50°F
  • Increases fluid capacity
  • Patented turbulator cooling tubes add heat transfer capability
  • Magnetic drain plug with increased magnetic strength and rubber/steel washer

Chevy / GM
700R4 & 4L60E
1991-2008 applications

Dodge / Chrysler
A727, A904, A518 & A618
1989-2010 applications

Ford E40D, 4R100,
5R110 & 5R110W
1989-2010 applications