Pacer Performance

Pacer Performance has been providing quality products to the Automotive Aftermarket since 1965. The Pacer line-up provides stylish, simple and cost effective lighting and protection solutions.

  • Hi-Five Cab Roof Lights
  • Flexy Flares Rubber Fender Extenders
  • Outback Tailgate Lights

Featured Products of Pacer Performance

Hi-Five Cab Roof Lights


Hi-Five Cab Roof lights, provide OEM and aftermarket replacements for your Chevy/GMC, Dodge/Ram or Ford pickup. They are offered with Amber, Clear and Smoke lenses and feature replaceable L.E.D. or Incandescent bulbs. These quality cab roof lights are easy to install and come complete with all necessary hardware. To see more information on individual Hi-fives please visit


  • Maximum visibility
  • Illuminate in amber
  • Meet S.A.E. specs
  • Sold in complete sets

Chevy/GM Hi-Five
Cab Roof Lights

Dodge Hi-Five
Cab Roof Lights

Ford Hi-Five
Cab Roof Lights

Flexy Flare Rubber Fender Extenders


Flexy Flares are our signature product in the protection line-up. Flexy Flares are manufactured using heavy duty EPDM rubber and can be easily installed to contour to most wheel openings. They do a great job providing protection and also can make those wide tires legal for street use.  To see more information on individual Flexy Flares please visit


  • Tough and sturdy 1/8" to 1/4" thick material
  • Extends width of fender 1-3/4" to 4-1/4"
  • Built-in curvature for smooth wrinkle-free fit
  • Includes mounting hardware & installation instructions

Universal Full Coverage


Heavy Duty


No-Lip Side Mount

Outback L.E.D. Tailgate Lights


The Outback Series tailgate lights are more than just a third brake light, these multi-functional tailgate lights feature, running light, brake light, and left/right indicators. In a world of distracted drivers having extra lighting is essential. The F5 version come in two options, Amber turn signals or Red turn signals with both featuring white backup lights and red turn signals.  The F4 versions feature 4 functions (Running lights, Brake Light, Right and Left turn signals).  All functions light up Red. To see more information on individual Outback L.E.D. Tailgate Lights please visit


  • Fits neatly into space just below tailgate
  • Adds high visibility
  • Includes all necessary hardware & illustrated installation instructions
  • Easy installation

Outback F4 - 4 Functions
With red turn-signals

Outback F5 - 5 Functions
Available with amber or red turn-signals
featuring white backup lights

Outback F4 Mini - 4 functions
All features of the Outback F4
in a compact package