USMW Professional Series Water Pumps


All product applications have been designed and tested to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Using advanced research we implemented efficient impellers, hubs, bearings and best NEW unitized seals that will provide optimum cooling with performance and longevity. Every Water Pump is supplied with a quality mounting gasket and other accessories (seals/gaskets) necessary to properly complete the installation.


  • Case hardened bearings
  • Precision CNC machined surfaces
  • The leader in metal impeller integration
  • All gaskets included

Benefits of Case Hardened Bearings


Each unit uses case hardened bearings designed as specified by the original equipment manufacturer to meet specific radial torque and axial load requirements of each application. These quality case hardened bearings have a higher load capacity that are tough on the outside, yet flexible on the inside. This makes them ideal for withstanding an imbalance or vibration in the cooling system.


  • Long life
  • High load capacity
  • Tough on the outside and flexible on the inside
  • Withstand imbalance or vibration in the cooling system

Benefits of precision CNC machined surfaces


USMW Pro Series water pumps are manufactured to original casting specifications, and then all mounting surfaces are CNC machined. This makes for an easy installation and ensures a precision seal of all mated surfaces. A leak free install ensures long component life and maximum efficiency.


  • Guaranteed fitment with mating components
  • Inspected and tested to ISO9001:2015 standards Prevents leaks

Benefits of metal impellers


USMW Professional Series leads the industry in metal impeller integration. Metal impellers are vastly superior to plastic impellers. By using metal impellers a water pump is able to handle higher torque forces and higher temperatures. This not only helps improve performance but also combats component fail caused by broken or distorted impellers.


  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Withstands chemicals
  • Performs at high RPMs
  • Will not deform
  • Withstands high torque forces
  • Will not shatter
  • Will not crack during press fit
  • Highly durable
  • Better for transits and storage
  • Withstands variables in high mileage engines